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Mini Cows

Our Herd

my herd
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Little Minnie is White Park/Highland. We expect her to have fluffy brown hair and be about 38in tall.



Fancy is such a looker! She has super fluffy white fur with black and dark dun spots. We expect her to be less than 38in. 



Minnie's mom is a White Park and her dad is a beautiful Dun Highland. Minnie is considered a High Park. 

Dad- Highland


Fancy's mom is a Herford and Lowline mix and her dad is a handsome Highland. Lowline cattle are naturally smaller without having the dwarfing gene. They are from Scotland where they were developed from Black Angus without horns.

mom herford/lowline
dad highland dun

For Sale

Both of our heifers are just little calves right now, but we plan on breeding them. Available calves will be listed here. 



Our Minis are wonderful additions to birthday parties and other events! We love bringing them to get some love and attention!

We can bring the whole farm! Check out what else we can offer besides our adorable minis and learn more about our services....

Image by Olga Kravchuk


Moe was our first cow. We got him in 2022 from a farmer who didn't have time to care for him. He was rejected by his mother, blind in one eye and could hardly see out the other. He was an absolute sweet heart and he loved pets. He had a big purple ball that he had to have everywhere he went! When he was younger he was gentle but demanding. We loved him so much! Eventually though, he became a huge bull who "bull-ied" his way to get what he wanted. 

Such a wonderful experience for us to raise this big herford/angus bull from a newborn. We thought we were done with cows, but discovered the mini/micro breeds... and so now we proudly raise and sell mini's.

More Cow Pix....

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