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Colored Eggs


We believe in humane and sustainable farming. We will never use any chemicals, added hormones or harsh confinement techniques. Our animals will live as happily and as naturally as possible while still keeping them safe from the large amount of Minnesota predators.  

Our philosophy


Our goal is to create a self-sustaining “farm ecosystem” that is diverse, resilient, and adaptable. We draw from a number of concepts and disciplines including ecology, permaculture, and organic farming, along with a smattering of intuition, some trial and error, and traditional folk knowledge, based on the kind of connection many of our grandparents and great-grandparents had with the land. Our farm model continues to evolve as we learn and grow, currently taking courses in agriculture at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and we aim to take as many lessons as we can from the plants and animals and natural forces we work with every day. But, some things will continue to stay central to our mission, no matter what. These include:

Environmental Sustainability

We pledge to be conscientious and diligent stewards of our beautiful land and produce food in a manner that minimizes our impact to natural resources. While third-party organic certification is cost prohibitive at our current scale. We are also committed to the restoration, enhancement, and protection of the natural habitats on the farm, which include wetlands and large forested areas. To this end, we apply the following management practices:

  • No synthetic or chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our crops or in our pastures

  • No genetically modified plants or animals (GMOs)

  • Commercial rations fed to livestock are organic where possible, locally produced, and non-GMO.

  • We mix our own grain feed so we know what goes into it

  • We try to feed our animals as naturally as possible if they were wild. 

  • We strive for diversity and resilience: We raise many varieties of plants and animals to ensure some resistance to disease, weather, and predators. Thus, a flourishing bounty no matter the conditions!

  • "Closed" animal groups to the extent practicable to prevent disease and promote good farm biosecurity

  • We never use any harmful pest control methods 

  • Ecological restoration: We are dedicated to enhancing the natural habitats of the farm including the surrounding Chippewa forest, and wetland habitats by removing invasive plant species and planting natives

  • We try to do as much by had for our farm as we can and use wood heat (gas fuel heat is used on only the extreme days of winter if necessary). 

Animal Welfare

We pledge to adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare. We have adopted the standards of the Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) program, the most rigorous standards for farm animal welfare and environmental sustainability in the U.S. This means:

  • Our animals receive ample outdoor space, sunshine, natural food, and are able to engage in natural behaviors

  • Docking, disbudding, beak trimming, ear or toe notching, or any other non-critical bodily mutilations are not performed; pain management and veterinary oversight is applied should a surgical procedure be medically necessary 

  • The natural cycles of animals are not manipulated (e.g. forced molting, unnatural light regimes, food deprivation, hormonal therapies) to optimize production at the expense of the animal's welfare

  • Medications, such as antibiotics or chemical dewormers, are only used when necessary to maintain animal well-being and with veterinary consultation, but we will use natural and herbal dewormers and medicines first if needed. 

  • Stress and pain minimization techniques are employed during all handling, transport, and slaughter activities.

Our animals are spoiled and loved, each with a name and a known personality! These animals are our life and so it is our goal to make sure their life is as happy and healthy as possible. 

Our labels promise that our products come from natural animals, cage free and happy. While we cannot claim organic on our labeling, we do adhere strickly to organic guidelines. It is our goal to educate our customers and community on why organic, cage free, and humaine practices are so important in farming.

Want to learn more?

We highlighly recommend the film "At the Fork". 


Make sure to know what you are buying at the store. Our products are not available in local stores yet, but we want to be as transparent with you as possible. Everything we claim is 100% true and you are always invited to a visit or conversation to see for yourself. Unfortunately this isn't the case with most packaging claims you see in the stores today. Please take a moment to educate yourself on the claim made on package you have in your pantry right now! 

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