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Wooly Pigs


The Mangalista Pig 

is the main livestock animal

on our farm


The Mangalista Pig

We pride ourselves in raising full blood mangalista pigs. They are a heritage Hungarian breed with wool. People driving by our farm often slow down and look, mistaking our pigs for sheep! We feed them quality hay and non gmo feed from local sources. They are well loved and spend their days rooting up the ground and foraging for treats in our wooded acres. 

We are by no means experts in this breed, but we are learning more every day! If you want more info from the experts, check out this site: 



We usually keep one sow and one boar

Currently we have a great boar, two of his piglets and our two sows. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall

This single piglet was born to Peppa and Muc on 7/20/21. She was our first piglet born on the farm. 

She is friendly and beautiful and even won a first place ribbon in the county fair. 

Update: Peppa is sold


Bonnie's Litter

Bonnie is a great Swallow Belly mother! She is unique in her black curly hair and she has been bred to our big boar Papa. She had 3 healthy piglets on 3/17/24


Hamantha's Litter

Hamantha is an awesome mother! She regularly gives us large (for the breed) litters of multilple colors. She has been bred to our big boar Papa. She had 6 adorable piglets on 3/15/24

Pigs over the years....

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