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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Image by Alexas_Fotos

Our Herd

my herd


Gecko is an ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe. She is Black and brown with white on her ears. She has Blue eyes and a beard. She is disbudded. She is a wonderful mother and milker! 



Annabelle is out of Freya and Fergus in 2023. She is polled and has brown eyes. We expect her babies to have the amazing lines and I can't wait to see the babies we get from her. I have kept her as a milk producer. 



Modi is a beautiful registered buck from amazing lines. You should see this fellas parents! he has blue eyes and was hand raised. He loves everyone (especially his ladies)



Fraya is our high quality ADGA registered doe. She is a sweet temperament and a favorite of all the children



Fin is our top guy. He is a registered proven buck from amazing milking lines. We are always excited to see his kids in the spring!



Astrid (who's registered name is Tortuga) is our newest gal.  She is a care-free sweetheart and always wants a snuggle and some treats!

Image by Carlos Ruiz Huaman

2024 Kids

gecko's babis
Freyas kis
Image by Yoann Donzé

Gecko's Kids

Gecko is due mid April. By her size we are guessing anywhere from 3-5 kids! Her kids are almost always blue eyed and their sire this year is Modi, so we are hoping for blue eyed babies

R (10).jfif
R (10).jfif


Freya had a baby girl this year! She is our best milker and is a great mama! This sweet little doe is through Finnegan and looks to be polled- She was born on April 18th


Astrid's Kids

Astrid is the most cuddly doe and we are always excited for her kids. She had a sweet black and dark brown buckling on April 18th to Finnegan. last year, their kid was the cutest twin of dad! We are hoping he is polled 

Astrids kids


adults for sale

Poppy and Pepper

Poppy and Pepper come form our best lines. They are 2023 does out of Gecko and Finnegan. They are registered and can be bred before leaving to our registered (unrelated) buck, Modi. They are super sweet twins and can go together or separately. 
They both have dark brown eyes and have been dehorned. They are up to date on all vaccinations. Pepper has a cute black nose and a full black body with spashes of white and white "bracelets". Poppy has a pink nose with a black spot. She is brown with more than 50% white. They are both extremely sweet and have their own personalities. 


Feta - available

Nigerian Dwarf Doe



Nigerian Dwarf Buck

Poppy- available

Nigerian Dwarf Doe


Pepper- available

Nigerian Dwarf Doe

Not really a goat rescue

But we did rescue some goats. 

We got into goats by accident. We knew that with sustainable farming, we needed a way to have our own dairy products. 

We knew we didn't have the space for cows and so goats were a good option. We tried goat milk and loving it... we started looking for our goats. We found Greta who was in bad shape and in need of rescue. Justin even convinced the "owner" to throw in her kid, Olaf. Then we got Tigger as a new baby from a friend down the road. Olaf was a weather (castrated male goat) and so we knew to be truly sustainable, we needed to find a buck. Using the prize money from showing at the fair, we bought Amadeus. Then we got a call that several goats were in need of rescue. Justin jumped at the chance and brought home Geko and Lupe. To our surprise... Greta had been bread immediately after having Olaf and had three kids in our care. The kids and mama were not in good shape and we lost all four over the next few months. 

We were absolutely heartbroken that we couldln't save them. We nursed the babies our selves and did whatever we could for them, but Greta was an old goat and being bred again and again her whole life with little care was detrimental. 

More Goat Pix....

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