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Image by Nao Takabayashi


More fluffy cuteness soon...

Image by Christian Bowen

Our spring hatch is scheduled for April/May 2024. let us know if you want to reserve a duckling/gosling

Image by Nico Frey
Thanksgiving Dinner

Ducks and geese

We raise ducks and geese for meat... the good old heritage breeds (not the monster fast growing and quick dying kind). Interested in live ducks or duck meat? 

Image by Enrico Sottocorna

Fresh Eggs

Our ducks and geese are laying through the year and we generally get four to five eggs a day. 


How it all started

More than 20 years ago, Kara got her first ducklings. Raising them on her grandparents lake and in their backyard was a highlight of her childhood! Ducks were a "must-have" on our farm and are still a favorite! 


More of the ducks and geese on our farm through the years...

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