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A rock in the ground and a bump in the road

Things don’t always go as planned. you can be traveling down a bumpy road and it knocks something loose and the next thing you know your car is overheating . You can finally find the time to finish painting that chicken coop only to be stung by a group of unhappy wasps, causing your paint to spill everywhere . You can work every day to grow plants in the garden. Read all the books and work hard only to see not a single seed pop up. You can get the tractor running only to pop a tire after a few minutes of work. You can wait for weeks for your three baby ducks to arrive only to find them all dead on arrival.

This has been our reality. With a tight budget, things at times feel hopeless. But we waited and watched as half of our garden grew healthy and string (even though I’m disappointed still). We met people who were friendly and helpful and became the friendships we were looking to make. We were able to trade work for things like a new tractor and pigs. ....and the wasps.... well there is just nothing good about a hive of angry armed flying bugs.

Carnoch means : on rocky ground. This is the worst kind of ground you could want to start a farm on. We uncover new boulders buried just under the surface every day. They would break our tiller and be impossible to move. Instead of making it a problem though, we embraced it. We happily look for the rocks peeking up in the grass. We plan our garden and field around them. We have made it part of who we are here and named our farm accordingly.

I guess what I’m saying is that when things go bad, wait. Watch what God is going to do to turn it into something good. And all that bad will be long gone and a memory. What a week it has been!

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