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New age farming - How we use security cameras

Technology is not new to farming and I am sure we are not the first to think of this, but we use security cameras to keep an eye on our farm. We don't have them to watch for burglars or some vandal. We have them to protect our animals. You might have seen our post before about the black bear who faced off with our little piglet.

You can check out that story here if you missed it

We have also seen other bears, bobcats, eagles, so so many hawks and other raptors, and house cats (who wouldn't turn down a chicken dinner). Neighbors have told us about cougars, lynx, wolves, fox and weasels as well. We believe we have taken on the care and the lives of these animals and we are responsible to keep them safe. So for us, spending a few hundred on the cameras allows us to watch for preditors and protect them and our investment in them. We are partial to the Ring brand cameras because they seem to work from far from the wifi tower and they have ones specifically made to be outside. We can also attach their feed to our other devices in our home, which is a feature we like. I'm sure there may be another cheaper option, but I can vouch for these and say that they work wonderfully and we love that they allow you to set allert times, so we can be notified if we have something suspicious going on at night and not when the dogs are wondering around in the day. They also save the recordings so we can go back and look at things or monitor the time something happens or just go back and view something for fun (America's Funniest Home Videos anyone!!??)

Check out the view of our cameras below. You can see Justin waling the property to get a ladder and then changing the battery of the last camera. (these are just still images, the cameras record video in day and with infrared vision at night).

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