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Veggies and chicken for dinner

So this is a big update because a lot has happened! First.... Admiral didn’t exactly have a burial at sea. He attacked Chickaletta. She is the sweetest and tamest of my chickens. Also the tiny smallest. With the skin flapped open on the side of her head, it was enough. I waited patiently to see if they would all settle and get along, but weather it was teenage hormones or just his personality, it didn’t work out. So we had Admiral for dinner.

As for Chickaletta, she was put in the sick bay with the ducklings to care for her and keep her company. They couldn’t be more suitable companions for a hurt chicken. They shared their space and slept near each other in the shed. If you didn’t know, chickens will instinctively peck at the wounds of another to try to eliminate the hurt one that could attract predators. So when the chicken is hurt, it’s time to separate them so healing can happen. plus it’s easier to keep an eye on the wound. It needs dressed if they will let you (she would not) and cleaned regularly. We also put a solution on it meant for livestock wounds. Chickens are easily poisoned so make sure it is poultry safe. After a while she was back on the mend and we re introduced her to the flock. I was happy to see that they didn’t care at all and left her scab alone (though I sat with them for quite a while to make sure they wouldn’t peck at her). I still check her daily and make sure flies haven’t laid in her wound and it isn’t broken open again. She seems to be very itchy poor thing. mad dar as Admiral is concerned, my flock was extremely stressed and not acting like themselves. This can be normal when introducing new Members, but the injury was just too much. So Justin quickly snached Admiral up and dressed the bird for dinner. I can tell you for certain they are grateful!

They literally flock to Justin when he is around! and they are all acting like their happy busy selves!

on another note of what’s for dinner, our garden is actually starting to produce! I know it seems silly to be so excited to see something edible grow out of a garden (that is the point after all) but I didn’t know what I was doing or if it would even work. I knew it was late in the season and I didn’t know a thing about the growing season here, the soil, what grows in this climate or anything really. So to me, the tomatoes, the lettuce, the spinach, The arugula, zucchini, watermelon, carrots, peas, and the coming pumpkins and beans seem like a miracle! I highly recommend watching the movie “Back to Eden” if you want more info about how to garden really without doing anything. It’s about relying on how God made things to work to grow food for your family!

so... home grown dinner! And no more rooster for us!

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